Our Aim & Objectives

  1. To augment table fish production to meet the demand for fish for solving the malnutrition of the masses in the State,
  2. To conserve and propagate economically important endangered fish species of the State,
  3. To produce sufficient quantities of high yielding exotic as well as indigenous fish species for stocking the cultural water areas of the State,
  4. To survey the vast natural fisheries resources of the State for its rational exploitation,
  5. To create artificial impoundments, ponds, tanks, reservoirs etc. for enhancement of fish production in the State through pisciculture,
  6. To introduce the culture of high yielding fish species in the State,
  7. To generate self-employment through scientific fish culture to the rural people for upliftment of their socio-economic conditions,
  8. To study and introduce new technologies for enhancement of fish production,
  9. To create trained manpower for implementation of various developmental schemes/programmes of the Department,
  10. To establish regional and district level fish seed farms and hatcheries in the State for production of quality high yielding fish seeds to cater to the needs of the private fish farmers as well as establishment of experimental fish farms for production of table fishes,
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