Assistance to Women Fish Vendors

1. Head of Development: Fish Processing, Preservation and Marketing

2. Name of the Scheme: Assistance to Women Fish Vendors

3. Aim & Objective:
    The scheme envisages to provide insulated ice box and other accessories to the women vendors for transportation and storage  of fish with ice as a part of cold chain so that fish may be made available   in good and hygienic condition to the consumers as fish is highly perishable item.  At present, fish are transported in tin containers, gunny bags,   bamboo basket etc. in a very unhygienic way as a result fish becomes putrefied very soon in summer within 7-8 hours   of  harvesting.
4. Location of the scheme: This is a state level scheme to be located in all the markets throughout the state. 

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    There are about 3000 women fish vendors in the state selling fish in different markets including hill districts. They transport and keep fish in galvanized round tins, gunny bags, bamboo baskets etc. without using ice. As a result, the fish gets easily putrefied within 6/7 hours in summer and fetches very low price. As such, it is felt necessary to provide them insulated ice box to transport and store the fish with ice for 2/3 days. This will definitely give benefit to the poor women vendors who are subjected to distress sale very often and in the meantime, consumers will also get fish in good and hygienic condition. Hence the scheme. 

6. Staff component: The existing staff of the department will implement the scheme. 

7. Generation of employment: No additional employment will be generated under the scheme.
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