Establishment of FFDAs and other Centrally Sponsored Schemes

1. Head of Development: Assistance to Public and other Undertaking

2. Name of the Scheme: Establishment of FFDAs and other Centrally Sponsored Schemes

3. Aim & Objective:
    The Government of India conveyed administrative approval for continuance of on-going Centrally Sponsored Scheme for the “Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture” on 75:25 share basis between the Government of India and State Government.
(a). To impart training on intensive fish culture to the educated unemployed fishermen/fish farmers of the state;
(b). To provide financial assistance to the fish farmers for reclamation of water areas, construction of new ponds, etc. for taking up pisciculture.

(i) Fish Farmers’ Development Agency (FFDA):
    At present, 8(eight) FFDAs covering all the districts of the State are functioning in full swing (except Imphal East District, but presently covered by Imphal West District) and the scheme will be continued in the Twelve Plan period for development of more water areas for pisciculture purposes in order to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the fish farmers.
    Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of “Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture” i.e. for Development of Freshwater Aquaculture, Water Logged Areas, Inland Capture Fisheries (Reservoirs/Rivers etc.) and Coldwater Fisheries and Aquaculture etc., the Government of India has approved and sanctioned a proposal at a cost of Rs. 532.63 lakh involving Central Share of Rs. 395.75 lakh and Rs. 136.88 lakh as State Share on the basis of 75:25 Centre and State share for all scheme components except for the cost towards purchase of vehicles for which sharing basis is on 50:50. Out of the aforesaid sanctioned amount, the Government of India has released a sum of Rs. 198.00 lakh as 1st instalment in October, 2015.
    The amount of Rs. 198.00 lakh sanctioned and released by the Government of India as 1st instalment along with the State Share of Rs. 41.52 lakh out of total State share of Rs. 68.48 lakh have been utilized for the implementation of the aforesaid Centrally Sponsored Schemes. The balance amount of Rs. 26.96 lakh of State Share could not be sanctioned by the State Government as there was no fund balance in the budget for 2015-16.
    The Government of India has yet to release the balance amount of Rs. 197.75 lakh out of the total sanctioned amount of Rs. 395.75 lakh as 2nd instalment.
    In the financial year 2015-16, above referred amount of Rs. 198.00 lakh + Rs. 41.52 + Rs. 26.96 lakh totaling to Rs. 266.48 lakh along with a sum of Rs. (197.75 + 68.40) = Rs. 266.15 lakh which will be Central share + State share as new proposal under the aforesaid schemes for the financial year, 2015-16. The gross amount of Rs. (266.48 + 266.15) = Rs. 532.63 lakh is reflected in the State Plan for the Financial Year, 2015-16.

(ii) National Welfare Scheme for Fishermen (Housing):
    Under this CSS Scheme, housing and drinking water facilities etc. are provided to the fishermen on cluster basis without any financial contribution from the fishermen. Upto the Tenth plan period, 119 nos. of Housing Units have been constructed at the villages viz. (1) Laphupat Tera (Imphal West District) and (2) Uchiwa Wangma, Santhel (Thoubal District). During the Twelve Plan period, 10(ten) fishing villages will be covered under the scheme.

(iii) Accident Insurance Scheme:
    Lives of fishermen are very risky and they often get drowned while fishing. Over and  above that sometimes the Fishermen also suffer permanent  disablement in the course of their duties. To cover these risk Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Accident Insurance Scheme is taken up for the active fishermen. So far, 12,200 nos. of fishermen have been insured . Under this Scheme Rs.29/- only (i.e. Rs.21.75 as Central Share and Rs.7.25 as State Share) as premium per beneficiary is to be borne by the Centre and State and poor Fisherman is spared of the burden.

(iv) National Fisheries Development Board(NFDB):
    Establishment of fish seed farms and table fish production farms will be taken up under the scheme so as to encourage/promote production of rare fish species available in the hill districts of the State as well as in the Valley Districts of the State so as to enhance production of Fish in the State and also to open new avenues of employment to the youngsters in the State. The pattern of assistance is 25% by National Fisheries Development Board and 75% from bank loans + beneficiaries’ contribution and no State Share.

(v) North Eastern Council (NEC):
    Projects taken up by the Department under North Eastern Council (NEC) :
    Under the North Eastern Council, the Department of Fishery, Manipur is taking up 2(two) Scheme such as, 
    (i)  Establishment of Regional Fishery Estate at Khullakpat Fishery No.123, Mayang Imphal, Imphal West District, Manipur and 
    (ii) Development of Paddy-cum-Pisciculture Scheme in the 5-Hill Districts of Manipur.

1. Establishment of Regional Fishery Estate at Khullakpat Fishery No.123:
    The approved project cost for Establishment of Regional Fishery Estate at Khullakpat Fishery No.123, is Rs. 480.10 lakh for construction of 110 nos. of 1ha. area unit ponds vide NEC letter No. NEC/AGRI/02/Manipur /2012 dated 19/12/2012. The component of the project between NEC as grand-in-aid and state matching share would be 90:10 (i.e Rs.432.09:Rs.48.01 lakhs = Rs.480.10 lakhs). Out of which, a sum of Rs.150.84 lakh have been released by the NEC as 90% 1st Instalment  and Rs.15.084 lakh as 10% State Matching share.  The amounts have been deposited to the work Agency, Loktak Development Authority.  The physical target during the first phase had almost fulfilled. As NEC has not yet released its share at present, no fund for the project had earmarked during State Plan, 2015-16.  Hence, Rs.150.84 lakhs and Rs.15.084 lakhs as NEC and State Share are proposed during the State Plan, 2016-17.

2. Development of Paddy-cum-Pisciculture Scheme in the 5-Hill Districts of Manipur:
    Under the development of Paddy-cum-Pisciculture Scheme in the 5-Hill Districts of Manipur, the NEC have approved a total outlay of Rs.840 lakh. The scheme component between NEC and state is 90:10 which Rs.756.00 is: Rs.84.00 lakhs.  Out of which NEC has released Rs.302.00 lakhs for the 1st instalment and the same was sanctioned by the State Govt. along with   available fund of Rs.6.57 lakh. The total sanctioned amount of Rs.308.57 lakh was deposited in the M.H.-8449.  However a sum of Rs.178.50 lakh was withdrawn from the deposit Head and made e-payment to 1050 beneficiaries ( 300 each in Senapati & Ukhrul Districts and 150 each in Chandel, Churachandpur & Tamenglong Districts ) through the bank accounts of the respective beneficiaries as 1st instalment to start the construction of dyke and central pits and advised them to submit the completion reports along with the supporting documents i.e. pre and post photographs of the paddy plots(same view) to witness the work done. In the meantime, a sum of Rs.14.916 lakhs have also sanctioned during the year, 2014-15 from the available fund as State Share. The total State Share so fare sanctioned is Rs.21.486 (6.57+14.916) lakhs out of Rs.30.20 lakhs(10% of Rs.302.00 lakhs NEC share) leaving balance of Rs.(30.20-21.486)=8.714 lakhs. The Department have also submitted proposals for expenditure sanction of Rs.8.714 lakhs.
    Now, the completion/recommendation reports submitted by the concerned DFOs have already forwarded to the Administrative Department for release of the 2nd instalment to those beneficiaries who have fulfilled the terms and conditions. 

    NABARD (Under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund):
        Scheme of Development of Pisciculture in Bishnupur District, Manipur under Rural Infastructue Development Fund (RIDF) with loans NABARD.
        ? Under this scheme of Rs.420 lakhs hs been approved by NABARD and so far Rs.159.60 lakhs has been sanctioned and released. The State Government has sanctioned Rs. 178.80 lakhs (Rs.159.60 as NABARD Share and Rs.19.20 as State Share and same has been deposited to the work agency i.e. Engineering Cell of Minority and Other Back Classes Economic Development Society (MOBEDS) and work is in full swing.
        ? Remaining balance of Rs.218.40 lakhs has been released by NABARD and deposited to LDA as the MOBEDS unable to execute the works. During 2015 -16 all the construction works are completed by the LDA.

4. Location of the scheme: The scheme will be located in all the districts of Manipur.

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    It is required to generate self-employment to the educated un-employed youths of the State to improve the socio-economic conditions of the fishermen and enhance the production of table fish for which schemes like excavation/construction of tanks/ponds, reclamation/renovation of ponds, running water fish culture, waterlogged (cage/pens) fish farming etc. are being taken up under FFDAs and under other Centrally Sponsored Schemes during the Twelfth Plan period.
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