Conservation of Declining and Endangered Indigenous Fish Species of State

1. Head of Development: Inland Fisheries

2. Name of the Scheme: Conservation of Declining and Endangered Indigenous Fish Species of State

3. Aim & Objective:
    While giving more attention to the Indian Major Carps and Exotic carps during the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Five Year Plan periods, proper attention could not be given to the development of indigenous fisheries including air breathing fishes and cat fishes due to lack of developmental plan funds. Declining trend of some of the important indigenous fishes like Tor tor, T. putitora, Labeo bata, L. dero, Wallago attu, Schizothorax richardsonii and others in the State need to be studied and remedial measures must be taken up to conserve these endangered fish species. During the 8th and 9th Plan periods, action has already been taken up for Pengba, Ngakra and Ukabi etc. For these fishes, necessary number of fish farms will be established during 12th Plan period to develop local indigenous fishes without affecting the Indian Major Carp and Exotic carps. Propagation and cultural aspects of these local indigenous species will be studied and investigated for further scientific and technological advancement for the benefit of mankind. The scheme, therefore, envisages development of local indigenous fishes during the 12th Plan period. Seeds of these important species so produced in these farms will be stocked in the ponds/tanks as well as in the natural water bodies for stock replenishment for augmentation of fish production so that there will be no fear of extinction of these indigenous fishes from the soil of the State.

4. Location of the scheme: The scheme will be a State level scheme located at suitable places throughout the 9(nine) districts of Manipur including hill and valley districts.

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    The scheme is meant to take up conservation of some of the important local indigenous fishes like Ngaton, Sareng, Ngakra, Ukabi, Nunga etc. by developing at least some of the major natural water areas. It is high time to save depletion of fish population by way of free releasing into the natural water areas and composite culture will be taken up for these important indigenous species for enhancement of fish production in the State.
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