Fisheries Training

1. Head of Development: Inland Fisheries

2. Name of the Scheme: Fisheries Training

3. Aim & Objective:
    To provide training to fish farmers and fishermen for improving their skill in fish farming and fishing, training is required. Fishery sector occupies a very important role in the socio-economic development of the State and the country as well. It has been recognized as a powerful income and employment generator. It also stimulates growth of a number of subsidiary industries and a source of cheap and nutritious food items besides being a good foreign exchange earner.  Most importantly, it is a source of livelihood of a large section of economically backward population of the State. The main challenges facing in the fishery development is the assessment of fishery resources and their potential in terms of fish production, development of sustainable technology, yield optimization, harvest and post-harvest operation, landing & berthing and proper handling of fishes.    

4. Location of the scheme: The scheme will be a State level scheme and trainees from the State and neighbouring states of North Eastern region will be benefited.

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    In-service as well as fresh candidates will be given one year training course in the Fisheries Training Centre of the State Fisheries Department, Manipur. The Centre will be upgraded to the status of a college, if proper facilities are given. Every year, 40(forty) nos. of personals are being trained. During 11th plan period pucca trainees hostel could not be provided due to shortage of fund and also there was no bus for trainees for conducting external and internal tour. As such, pucca trainees hostel and bus will be provided during 12th plan period. This programme has been functioning since the Ninth Five Year Plan period and will continue during 12th Five year Plan (2012-17).
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