Establishment of Fish Farms

1. Head of Development: Inland Fisheries

2. Name of the Scheme: Establishment of Fish Farms

3. Aim & Objective: To increase more production of table fish,
    Production of sufficient quantities of quality  fish seeds through various measures has to be taken up for stocking in natural water areas, ponds, tanks etc. The total requirement of fish seed by the end of 12th Five Year Plan period is estimated at 300 millions and the Department could produced 134 millions of fish seed during 11th Five Year Plan period. Since increase of stocking rates in the available water areas, the requirement of fish seeds during the 12th Plan Period is estimated at 300 millions with the following break-up.

    For enhanced production of fish seeds, it is also required for increasing the number of nursery pond/rearing ponds by establishing additional fish seed farms both in hill and valley districts of Manipur. Fish seeds so produced will be made available to all the fish farmers of these districts. Above 1.00 million of fish seed will be liberated in the hill streams for development of hill stream fisheries and man – made reservoirs constructed for generation of  hydro-electric power and irrigation canals. Another 10.00 millions fish seed will be given on credit under Fish Seed Bank Scheme to the Pisciculturists, fishery associations, other institutions, clubs etc. who own group ponds, tanks, other water areas and the cost of fish seed will be realized from the sale proceed of fishes at Government approved rates.

4. Location of the scheme: The scheme will be located both in and valley districts of Manipur.

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    Fish farmers/pisciculturists of the State are facing acute problems for collection of fish seed for stocking in their ponds, tanks, small and medium water bodies etc. As such, it is required to acquire new lands for establishment of new fish seed farms both in valley and hill districts of Manipur. The scheme therefore, envisages establishment of more fish seed farm, for enhance production of fish seed to cater to the needs of the fish farmers of the state.
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