Fish Marketing, Craft and Gear

1. Head of Development: Fish Processing, Preservation and Marketing.

2. Name of the Scheme: Fish Marketing, Craft and Gear.

3. Aim & Objective:
    Fish is one of the most easily perishable items of food. Due to lack of proper fish preservation and fish marketing facilities in the State, the consumers can not get quality fish in most of the time. As such, preservation and marketing facilities are proposed under the scheme. In order to overcome such difficulties at the fish landing centres as well as marketing places, proper facilities for marketing fish afresh are to be provided. Necessary action will be taken up to make fish available at reasonable rates by opening Departmental Fish Stalls. Under the scheme, the Department has been organizing Annual Fish Crop Competition in the form of a Fish Fair every year in order to make fish available at reasonable prices to the general public on the eve of Ningol Chakouba Festival. For giving motivation to the private fish farmers, the highest producers are awarded cash prizes as well as certificates. The programme will also be continued during the Twelfth Five Year Plan period.

4. Location of the Scheme: The Scheme will be a State level scheme with Departmental Fish Stalls located at suitable places throughout districts of the State. 

5. Justification for continuance of the Scheme:
    It is required to encourage primary fish producers by providing marketing facilities to ensure better returns and fish prices to the consumers. Emphasis will also be given to set-up hygienic fish market for fish sale through an integrated cold-chain and retail outlets preferably under co-operative sector. This is a continuing scheme and will also be taken up during the 12th Five Year Plan period.
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